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Complete Your Window Cleaning Service By Including Your Blinds

It is not uncommon for people to overlook the importance of blind cleaning when cleaning the windows in their home or place of business. While cleaning your windows will make them Cleen ‘N Cleer, its impact will be minimized if your blinds are still dirty. This is why we offer blind cleaning services to compliment all of our interior and exterior window cleaning services for our business and residential customers.

Adding blind cleaning to your window cleaning services will provide you with a complete cleaning package that will have the windows in your home or office looking their best!

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Services

Ultra Sonic Blind Cleaning removes all built up dust, stains, and allergens from your blinds. It even cleans the interior mechanism in your blinds that are not accessible through conventional cleaning processes!

Here is what you can expect when you hire us to clean your blinds:

    • Full service cleaning. Blinds are removed, cleaned, then reinstalled by technicians. No hassle for you!
    • We do repairs too! Minor repairs can be made as we clean your blinds.
    • Blinds are cleaned in an Ultrasonic cleaning tank: This not only cleans the fins, but also the mechanisms and other components as well.
    • Quick turn-around time: Blind cleaning takes approximately 48hrs for most jobs.

Please note that there is a Minimum of 12 blinds.
If you are interested in our blind cleaning services or want to bundle these services with our window cleaning for a complete cleaning package, contact us today to discuss your options. Call 905-812-7700.

Some of Our Clients Include: